High temperature insulation

Application Areas:


  • metallurgy (ferrous, non-ferrous)
  • engineering industry
  • power engineering
  • petrochemical industry and oil refining
  • construction materials (cement, glass, ceramic and others).
  • electrotechnical industry
  • nuclear industry
  • fire prevention and protection

The main principles that govern Fibrous Refractories` activities:

  • Client-focused business practices
  • Production of highly- competitive goods that meet our clients` standards
  • The guarantee of excellent quality

What we strive for in the long run:

  • Continuing to improve our products to meet our customers` potential needs and keep up with ever changing technology
  • Continued research into technology related to high temperature fibrous materials, products and construction
  • development in producing large-scale products and constructions, fasteners and new lining materials

Our materials can be used as:

  • The working layer of heat-protection covers and thermal furnaces, facing of water-heating and steam boilers, varied sorts of heaters, refractory stones and thermal screens.
  • The insulation layer of roasting machines, incinerators, stoves of furnaces, heating wells, skid pipes and down-steam pipes.
  • Fireproof partitions for the purpose of housing and industrial construction.
  • A high-temperature and shock-absorbing insulation material for flat and curvilinear surfaces, fire-proof inserts and etc.

The advantages of our products:

  • low density and thermal capacity

* boards от 250 до 450 kg/m³

* cardboard от 380 до 600 kg/m³

* felt от 250 до 450 kg/m³

* blocks от 350 до 600 kg/m³

  • incombustibility
  • low thermal conductivity , W/mK =

* 873K — from 0,16 to 0,19

* 1073K — from 0,19 to 0,25

* 1273K — from 0,24 to 0,35

* 1473K — from 0,36 to 0,46

* 1573K — from 0,43 to 0,54

  • easy to assemble
  • chemical inertness
  • good sound-absorbing properties
  • resistance to vibrations, thermal shocks and temperature changes
  • easy to handle by means of hand tools

Our products are widely used in the lining of thermal and metallurgical furnaces. Although prices of 1 square meter of both fall in the same price range, if compared to traditional fireclay lining, fibrous refractory products ensure:

  • up to 1,5 times reduction in the thickness of lining
  • 6–8 times reduction in the weight of lining
  • the extension of the lifecycle of the furnace
  • up to 30-percent reduction in power consumption
  • significant reduction in the amount of labour needed for installation
  • ease of maintenance
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