Fibrous refractory materials and goods are progressive products and owing to their selective properties are applied more and more in different fields of industry:

  • metallurgy (ferrous, non-ferrous)
  • engineering industry
  • chemical industry
  • oil-refining industry
  • power engineering
  • industry of building material
  • glass industry
  • consumer goods production


Area of application for materials and products for high temperature isolation

Refractory fibrous materials and goods of «Fibrous refractories», which are made according to different technologies, can be used as working or isolation layers for the following thermal units:

  • gas pipe lines for ore roasting units, stoves and airways for furnace hot blowing, continuous furnaces for metal heating before flatting and isolation of pipe skids, gas furnaces for metal thermal treatment (one or three feet bell-type for rolls annealing, for rectangular permanent annealing, with roll-out floor and outer mechanization, for drivings, minings), for steel poring scoops furnaces, exhaust-heat boilers, furnaces and converters
  • resistance electro furnaces for thermal treatment of products (with roll-out floor, mining kind Mine tempering resistancce), inductive smelting and heating, resistance electro furnaces for aluminum and other alloys smelting, domes for slow metal cooling
  • piped heaters of different functions
  • tunnel ovens for brick burning and ceramic drain pipes
  • belt furnaces for burning of coated ware, thermal furnaces for burning ceramics, faience, porcelain and water-heating boilers, cogeneration steam plant lines and boilers
  • reaction pipes for mounts and collectors of chemical plants, hydrogen production units
  • furnaces for hot glass smelting, glaze and frit

Moreover, materials and goods can be also applied for:

thermal isolation coverings for molds and moulds, removable thermo protective «covers» for steam and gas turbine, compensating layings of working layer for wall and suspended dome lining of gas reflecting furnaces for smelting Al, jointing insertions in the permanent steel pouring units, shoots for non-ferrous metal sinking, stoppers for locking tapping holes, smelting-house bushings for non-ferrous metal sinking, different shaped products of difficult configuration, forms for accurate moulding and etc.

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