Company Fibrous refractories

Company Fibrous refractories

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Company Fibrous refractories is the developer of technologies and the producer of modern effective materials and products for high temperature isolation on basis of silica-alumina fibres and inorganic connectives in the form of modified hydrosols on their own production basis.

The products of refractory fibres combine the qualities of refractories and isolation, possess miner density, simple in montage and manufacturing, have abroad assortment.

High-temperature fibrous products are produced by non-fired technology in the form of boards, cardboards, blocks and different shaped details of difficult configuration (according to the specification of made to order). The materials are also delivered in the kind of «wet» felt and ramming mixture (for the isolation of curvilinear surfaces, sealing of joints, leveling of front-face area, deepening for hardware parts and etc.) Maximum usage temperature is 1200° C and 1350° C.

Materials and products are produced according to the standard 5767-001-39844441- 2005. The properties of these materials and products allow to make principally new light constructions for wall lining and coverings of furnace roof: flat hanging, arched. At the same time the arch is simultaneously the covering and heat reflecting screen (the coefficient of black substance of materials for the temperature range of 1000 — 1200° C makes 0,90 — 0,96). It is especially effective to use the products on basis of refractory fibres in the thermal furnaces of the periodical operation, as they are practically uninertial (have low thermal capacity), they are not critical to the cycles of «heating-cooling», provide way out on the temperature rate under considerably lower power inputs.

Products are widely used in such spheres as lining of thermal and metallurgical furnaces. In comparison with traditional fireclay lining, fibrous refractory goods provide: (according to comparable price of 1 square meter of lining)

  • reducing (reduction) of the lining layer in 3–4 times
  • reducing of the total load of lining in 6–8 times
  • increasing resources of exploitation of furnaces
  • reducing of power consumption to 30%
  • significant reducing of labor intensiveness of lining and high maintainability.

The main principles of «Fibrous refractories» in their activity are:

  • orientation for consumers
  • production of goods with high competitive ability, fully corresponding required consumers' properties.
  • guarantee of high quality.

The experience of «Fibrous refractories» highly qualified specialists let to get products of perfect quality with high operational characteristics and on reasonable price.

The production of «Fibrous refractories» is delivered to the largest metallurgical enterprises of Russia, to the glass-works, chemical plants, machine-building and cement plants including other branches of industry.

 Delivery is carried out according to preliminary applications and specification of customers.

 In addition to the nomenclature of the delivered production «Fibrous refractories» provides engineering services on development of technical solutions for furnaces' lining, including the calculation of thermal resistance with optimal selection of materials.

 Perspective directions in the work of «Fibrous refractories» are: 


  • consumers’ properties
  • perfection and development of new technologies of high temperature fibrous materials, products and constructions
  • development of modular large-dimension products and constructions
  • development and production of fasteners and elements for lining

The main principles of «Fibrous refractories» in their activity are: 


  • orientation for consumers
  • production of goods with high competitive ability, fully corresponding required consumers' properties
  • guarantee of high quality

Area of the application:

Branches of industry:

  • metallurgy (ferrous, non-ferrous)
  • engineering industry
  • power engineering
  • petrochemical and oil refining
  • building materials (cement, glass, ceramic and others)
  • electrotechnical
  • nuclear
  • fire-prevention protection

The materials can be used as:

  • working layer of heat protective covers and thermal furnaces, facings of water heating and steam boilers, heaters of various functions, refractory stones, thermal screens
  • isolation layer of roasting machines, waste boilers, stoves of furnaces, heating wells, pipe skids and down steam pipes
  • fireproof boards in the sphere of industrial and housing building
  • high temperature and amortization material for isolation of flat and curvilinear surfaces, fire-proof layings and etc.


  • low density of boards from 3000 to 420 kg/m3
  • cardboard from 430 to 570 kg/m3
  • felt from 150 to 320 kg/m3
  • blocks from 300 to 400 kg/m3
  • incombustibility
  • low thermal capacity
  • low thermal conductivity, W/mK =

873K — from 0,16 to 0,191073K — from 0,19 to 0,25
1273K — from 0,24 to 0,35
1473K — from 0,36 to 0,46
1573K — from 0,43 to 0,54

  • mounting fabricability
  • chemical inertness
  • sound absorber capacity
  • tolerance to vibration loadings, heat shock and heat changings
  • easiness and simplicity of hand tools processing
At the same time the arc

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