High-temperature insulation products and materials based on refractory fibres and inorganic binders technologies.

Fibrous Refractories is a high-temperature insulation products and materials manufacturing company. We implement unique technologies in the development of our products which are based on the use of silica-alumina fibres and inorganic binders in the form of modified hydrosols.

By combining the qualities of refractories and insulation, we are able to produce products with a low density, that are easy to produce and assemble and provide a rich assortment to choose from.

High-temperature fibrous products are produced by the use of unfired technology in the form of boards, cardboards, blocks and details of various shapes and complicated configurations in order to meet our clients` specific requirements.

We also offer “wet” felt and ramming mixture to be used for insulating curvilinear surfaces, sealing seams, levelling down the front-face area, covering the constructive sockets for fittings etc.

The aforementioned products can withstand temperatures up to 1200◦ C and 1350◦C respectively.

Materials and products are produced in accordance with 5767-001-6323104865-2007 standard.

The properties of these materials and products allow to make principally new light constructions to be used for the covering of furnaces` walls and roofs (flat suspended or arched), that serve both as a covering and a heat-reflecting screen: the emissivity coefficient of the materials within a 1000 — 1200° C temperature range is 0,90 — 0,96 (with a true black body hypothetically having a measure of 1).

Refractory fibres-based products are the most effective when used in intermittent/batch type thermal furnaces, as they are practically inertialess (have low thermal capacity), indifferent to “heating-cooling” cycles, and ensure increased efficiency under regular working temperatures.

The materials can be used as


Application Areas:


  • metallurgy (ferrous, non-ferrous)
  • engineering industry
  • power engineering
  • petrochemical industry and oil refining
  • construction materials (cement, glass, ceramic and others).
  • electrotechnical industry
  • nuclear industry
  • fire prevention and protection

The main principles that govern Fibrous Refractories` activities:

  • Client-focused business practices
  • Production of highly- competitive goods that meet our clients` standards
  • The guarantee of excellent quality


What we strive for in the long run:

  • Continuing to improve our products to meet our customers` potential needs and keep up with ever changing technology
  • Continued research into technology related to high temperature fibrous materials, products and construction
  • development in producing large-scale products and constructions, fasteners and new lining materials

Our materials can be used as:

  • The working layer of heat-protection covers and thermal furnaces, facing of water-heating and steam boilers, varied sorts of heaters, refractory stones and thermal screens.
  • The insulation layer of roasting machines, incinerators, stoves of furnaces, heating wells, skid pipes and down-steam pipes.
  • Fireproof partitions for the purpose of housing and industrial construction.
  • A high-temperature and shock-absorbing insulation material for flat and curvilinear surfaces, fire-proof inserts and etc.

The advantages of our products:

  • low density and thermal capacity

* boards от 250 до 450 kg/m³

* cardboard от 380 до 600 kg/m³

* felt от 250 до 450 kg/m³

* blocks от 350 до 600 kg/m³

  • incombustibility
  • low thermal conductivity , W/mK =

* 873K — from 0,16 to 0,19

* 1073K — from 0,19 to 0,25

* 1273K — from 0,24 to 0,35

* 1473K — from 0,36 to 0,46

* 1573K — from 0,43 to 0,54

  • easy to assemble
  • chemical inertness
  • good sound-absorbing properties
  • resistance to vibrations, thermal shocks and temperature changes
  • easy to handle by means of hand tools

Our products are widely used in the lining of thermal and metallurgical furnaces. Although prices of 1 square meter of both fall in the same price range, if compared to traditional fireclay lining, fibrous refractory products ensure:

  • up to 1,5 times reduction in the thickness of lining
  • 6–8 times reduction in the weight of lining
  • the extension of the lifecycle of the furnace
  • up to 30-percent reduction in power consumption
  • significant reduction in the amount of labour needed for installation
  • ease of maintenance


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