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445010, Russia, Togliatti, Leningradskaya St, 2A, оffice 6.

Тel./fax: +7(8482)37-93-99, 40-17-30, 40-19-45

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The main principles of «Fibrous refractories» in their activity are:

  • orientation for consumers
  • production of goods with high competitive ability, fully corresponding required consumers' properties.
  • guarantee of high quality.

The experience of «Fibrous refractories» highly qualified specialists let to get products of perfect quality with high operational characteristics and on reasonable price.

The production of «Fibrous refractories» is delivered to the largest metallurgical enterprises of Russia, to the glass-works, chemical plants, machine-building and cement plants including other branches of industry.

 Delivery is carried out according to preliminary applications and specification of customers.

 In addition to the nomenclature of the delivered production «Fibrous refractories» provides engineering services on development of technical solutions for furnaces' lining, including the calculation of thermal resistance with optimal selection of materials.

 Perspective directions in the work of «Fibrous refractories» are: 

  • consumers’ properties
  • perfection and development of new technologies of high temperature fibrous materials, products and constructions
  • development of modular large-dimension products and constructions
  • development and production of fasteners and elements for lining


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445020, Russia, Tolgiatty,
Leningrad St, 2A, оffice 6.