Fibrous Refractories was the first company of its kind in Russia to start producing shell-type riser sleeves, both of a gas-pressure type with exothermal substances heating and a heat-insulating, adiabatic type, on a large-lot basis in 2008. Our products can be delivered with breaker cores to aid the process of riser removal or without them.

When in use, the riser sleeves produced by our company are highly technologically sound and will achieve the following results:

  • Up to a 25-percent increase in cast yield when it comes to large-mould casting;
  • Up to a 40-percent reduction in the amount of metal consumption in the process of casting;
  • Decrease in machining allowances intended for the post-casting mechanical treatment of crop parts from15-20 to 4-5 mm;
  • Reduction in expenditure for metal-working tools in the process of post-casting treatment;
  • No necessity in the use of fire-cutting for riser removal;
  • Optional accommodation of  riser over any surface without any harm to the casting configuration;
  • Development in the quality of the casting process in terms of reducing the effects related to shrinkage (shells, friability, cracks) and unsolicited extraneous inclusions (gas and non-metal inclusions)
  • Serial production of riser sleeves in accordance with a specific client`s needs (the shape and size of the covering, geometrical parameters of breaker cores so as to enhance the process of riser removal, heat-retaining capability, an exothermal-reaction unit, a controlled time of the delay in combustion initiation)

The exothermal mixtures we use have the following characteristics:

  • Low combustion temperature;
  • Stable process of burning at a controlled speed;
  • The use of exothermal mixtures results in up to a twofold delay in solidification;
  • Good thermal-insulation characteristics of the mixtures once the exothermal process is finished;
  • Absence of the chemical interaction between the mixtures and the metal in the riser;
  • Low smoke and fume;
  • absence of the pyroelectric effect;
  • High endurance throughout all the stages of the process;
  • Absence of mechanical metal penetration;
  • High gas permeability.

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Our highly efficacious, high temperature materials are based on the original fibrous refractories and inorganic binders technology. They are characteristically high endurance, have low temperature shrinkage, low thermal conductivity, have high resilience, are thermal shock resistant, are easy to install and treat etc. These qualities make them highly attractive for the production of special-purpose products that will be exposed to high temperatures.

Technological capacities and the flexibility of production allow Fibrous Refractories to produce complicated-shaped products in small batches so as to meet  specific requirements imposed by the clients. Due to special methods in use by Fibrous Refractories, we can achieve predetermined specific parameters set by our clients.

Shaped products are produced by the use of fibrous refractories and modified inorganic binders. In order to design a specific shape and structure we use such methods as vacuum-shaping, vacuum-pressing, vibratory casting, ramming.

The products demonstrate the characteristics as follows:

  • light weight, high endurance, low thermal conductivity
  • good operation performance
  • low wettability as to AL, Zn, Cu melts and alloys
  • being economical in terms of installation expenses and interchangeable

Refractory stones

Refractory stones made of refractory fibres (with the underlying technology of inorganic binding)  have the properties of fibrous  reinforced ceramics with high heat-reflection qualities. They have a long life cycle and are indifferent to temperature changes; other than this, they are of 6 - 10 times lower density than traditional stones.

Refractory stones of different size and type can be delivered in accordance with the specifc needs of a client. The working surface of the stone is protected by special enhanced coating.


Boards (products) with an enhanced layer for working surface protection


Resistant to erosion and mechanical impact, a special enhanced layer may be applied before or in the process of lining installation.

Fibrous refractory insulation of high density

Boards based on refractory fibres and inorganic binders technology have a density ranging between 500 and 1000 kg/m3 and may be produced in accordance with clients` specifications. Such boards demonstrate high endurance, low thermal conductivity and shrinkage of as little as 1,5% when used within a range of working temperatures .

Fibrous Refractories offers flexible insulation mats made of special material and produced in the form of a band with distinct segments. Depending on the weight of an ingot, the thickness of each segment can range from 30mm to 60mm. Such products can be easily installed on a barrel-shaped riser because they have reinforcing net inside.

For the casting of square and rectangular ingots we offer the use of 'trapezoid' plates that are propped up by wedges. It is recommended that mats and trapezoids be used in consort with additional exothermal and insulation substances produced by Fibrous Refractories. The use of these products can completely eliminate the need for fire-clay lining.

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